Death of Dj Arafat: one month later, Carmen Sama still under the test of tradition

More than a month after Dj Arafat’s death, the situation is painful for his wife Carmen Sama, who is still not recovering and at the same time facing a restriction on her freedoms. A practice recommended by family custom.

The widow will have to observe 40 days of mourning as suggested by custom. This is the unusual event that Carmen Sama has been facing since the death of Dj Arafat on August 12th in Abidjan after a motorcycle accident.

The widow is entrenched at the home of her deceased husband in Angré and is forced to meditate in her ex-home according to our source who specifies that she benefits from the support of her parents who are at her side in these difficult moments. But the presence of her relatives beside her does not make Rafna’s mother smile. She is still sad and has many questions about her husband’s tragic and painful departure.

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