Cristiano Ronaldo talks about his father and breaks down in tears: “I’ve never had a real discussion with him”

Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo gave a television interview in which he spoke about his father, but also about the mother of his three children. Talking about his father whom he claims to be an alcoholic, the superstar broke down in tears, because he regrets that the latter never had the opportunity to see him become Number 1.

Interviewed on Good Morning Britain, the Juventus player, Cristiano Ronaldo was very emotional when he talked about his father. During the show, Cristiano Ronaldo saw pictures of his father talking about his son shortly before the 2004 Euro in Portugal.  It was a very difficult video to watch for the superstar who burst into tears as she remembered her missing father.

According to the Closer Mag information site, Dinis, the attacker’s father is a former soldier and died in 2005 when he was only 52 years old when his son entered his twenties. Very moved and sobbing, the footballer confides: “I don’t really know my father 100%. He was an alcoholic man. I’ve never had a real conversation, a normal conversation, with him. It was difficult.” The Turin striker, the next man, regrets above all that his father could never see him become what he is today: “He has never seen me become number one, and he shall never. He has never seen me win an award. 

Elle est mon amie

In the same interview, the striker talks about his beloved Georgina Rodriguez, the mother of his three children. “She has helped me so much, I love her so much“, “She is the mother of my children and I am so passionate about her. She’s my friend. “We have conversations. I open my heart for her and she opens her heart for me.”

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