Patrice Talon et Muhammadu Buhari

Since August 20th, 2019, Nigeria has closed its borders with countries polluting its market with contraband products. Only passport holders can cross the gates and on foot. Some take the opportunity to take fuel. Nigeria reacted to this practice through a letter dated Thursday, September 12th, 2019.

Some security forces and defense  agents stationed in Sèmè, border zone with Nigeria, take advantage of their proximity giant of the East to obtain fuel. They land with cans, sometimes in military uniform, to buy the flammable liquid at a cheap price on the other side. On Thursday, the Nigerian authorities decided to end this practice.

Two points are mentioned in the note to the Beninese side. First, anyone who wants to take fuel from Nigerian stations must contact the police officers who will register them to pass the list on to the relevant Nigerian services. Only after authorization can they supply the tanks of their vehicles. Second, the note states, “it is not allowed to take fuel in cans”.

The letter signed by the Commander of the Nigerian Customs Service, Sèmè region, is to be duplicated to all security posts in Benin.


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