Claire Bailly definitively leaves the coupé décalé for this shocking reason

As announced since DJ Arafta’s death, Ivorian singer Claire Bailly has confirmed her decision to leave the coupé décalé. It was during his concert on Saturday, September 14th, 2019 at the Treichville Palace of Culture in Abidjan.

The one who made herself called the ” first lady of coupé décalé”, decided to stop her career. she’s Claire Bailly , DJ Arafat’s ex. “We have nothing, they want to kill us, it’s okay I’m leaving… I did this concert so I could tell you this news. Otherwise after DJ Arafat’s death I didn’t want to do it anymore, but I did it to announce that I decided to sing for Jesus Christ of Nazareth, so that his soul would be saved,” Claire Bailly explained at the end of her concert.

Claire Bailly thus leaves the coupé décalé to do gospel music in honour of DJ Arafat. As a reminder, Claire Bailly was repatriated from France to Ivory Coast in 2005 under very poor conditions. “I came to find my mother sick. I didn’t have any money. It was to heal my mother that I decided to change to have some money to treat her. She gave me her blessing. Unfortunately, she died before my song “bobarafitini” was a hit,” she explained in an interview with Ivorian national television.

Later, she became the first lady of the coupé-décalé by aligning concepts and singles that matched the label. She will then perform featuring with artists such as Toofan, DJ Arafat, Mokobé, or Yemi Aladé. After her singles like”Qui a dit ” meaning “Who said it”, “domolo décalé”, “loumouka”, ” Vas y”, “eza renseignements”, “on ne sait jamais”, “reinta fouinta”, “Avancer”, “ça ira”, “comme ceci” or “tiens ça”, she abandons the coupé décalé leaving behind her, an experience that will have lasted a good ten years.

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