Local authorities have announced the death toll of the deadly fire that broke out east of China in a consumer goods factory. 19 people died and three others were hospitalized.

Ninghain County authorities announced on social networks that a deadly fire broke out last Sunday in a consumer goods factory in Zhejiang province. 19 people died in the flames and eight others were rescued. The local authorities have indicated that an investigation has been opened to determine the causes and start of the fire that destroyed this Ruiqi Shiyongpin company plant.

According to facts reported by 7sur 7, among the eight people rescued during the disaster, three were injured and were hospitalized.

This tragedy took place on Sunday 29 September as the country is a few days away from celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic. A celebration that the communist regime “prepares with great reinforcements of propaganda“, according to the information website. To avoid negative waves around the advent, the authorities urged local media to “avoid insisting on bad news as the October 1st celebration approaches and focus on positive energy”.



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