Chad: 52 people die after a gold mine collapsed

A gold mine in northern Chad collapsed last tuesday. The collapse of the deposit caused at least 52 deaths, reported AFP.

Last tuesday, a wild gold mine within the reach of various gangs of illegal and traffickers gold panners collapsed in the north of the country. A government source told AFP that at least 52 people died after the mine collapsed.

The wild gold mine collapsed, according to the daily, on the night of monday 23 to Tuesday 24 September 2019. The accident occurred in the Chadian province of Tibesti, near Kouri Bougoudi, a town very close to the Libyan border. The province was placed under a state of emergency after the collapse, which killed about 100 people.

According to the facts reported by the AFP on Friday 27 September, the death toll could increase in the coming days, as some people have not yet been found. The officers are therefore continuing the searches. “There are 37 wounded, 21 of them are seriously injured,” said another AFP source.

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