Cameroon: the date of national dialogue is known

On 10 september 2019, the cameroonian President, in a speech to the nation, announced the holding of a national dialogue for the resolution of the english-speaking crisis that has shaken the country in recent years. At the last news, the timetable for this dialogue becomes clearer and clearer.

According to information from Fir, the date of the dialogue is now known. “The national dialogue on the Anglophone crisis will be held at the Yaounde Convention Centre for five days from 30 september to 4 october,” the media outlet reported. Discussions will be conducted on the supervision of Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute.

When the dialogue was announced, the political actors, especially the opposition, reacted. Some leaders in the English-speaking area, which was heavily affected by the crisis, welcomed President Paul Biya’s outstretched hand. But other separatist leaders, from their places of exile, disapproved of the move by announcing their absence from dialogue.

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