Cameroon-succession of Clarence Seedorf: Patrick Mboma wins marks

Patrick Mboma’s candidacy for coach position of Cameroon national team is strongly supported by former Cameroon legend Roger Millar who advocates the appointment of a local technician.

Patrick Mboma confirmed his candidacy for the position of  indomitable Lions of Cameroon’s coach in these days on monday 16 september  2019, in the show ” Africa Talents” broadcast on Canal. “On 27th july, I quietly applied.” And already, he can count on the support of an undisputed legend of Cameroonian football.

In fact, Roger Millar fully supports Patrick Mboma’s candidacy for the succession of the dutch man Clarence Seedorf: “I think Patrick has already had the courage to put his candidacy. I don’t think this is the first time he wants to work for his country. There was a time when we wanted to appoint the general manager of national team, and he had caused an outcry to the point where there was no follow-up. If he applied, I would be 100% behind him, since at the moment he is the only Cameroonian who has applied. If there are other Cameroonian applications, I would support them as well. But since it is not my decision, it is up to the decision-makers to manage this issue. the old lion” said in an interview with Africa Foot United.

Moreover, the best African player of the 20th century (according to a ranking compiled by France Football), Roger Millar, called all Cameroonians who will submit their applications to be honest coaches, not to give in to pressure and not to do compromises: “That’s what kills our football,” he continued, before asserting that to be a coach, it doesn’t require a career before at all costs. One example is Michel Plantini, who coached the French national team, without having a coaching career beforehand. The same goes for Alain Giresse, who also coached the blues when he had never coached.

As a reminder, retired since 2005, Patrick Mboma 48 years old, recently graduated as a coach and is currently a consultant for Canal + sport. He has no coaching career in his record. Is it the right profile for Clarence Seedorf’s estate?

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