Burkina-Faso-Fight against terrorism: will the United States send troops?

The United States is not willing to send troops to Burkina Faso to support the fight against terrorism. U.S. assistance will be limited to training and strengthening the country’s military capacity, according to General Stephen Townsend, commander of the U.S. force in Africa.

The United States, to assist the Burkina Fasso government in the fight against terrorism, is training the Fasso army through AFRICOM (United States Command Africa) and is also strengthening its military capabilities. But despite this, the terrorist threat still persists. And the United States does not have an action plan, sending American troops to support the Burkinabè defence forces: “The United States is present in the country, but I do not believe that we should expect a military presence or combat troops on the ground as is the case with some French troops. We work in collaboration and in close harmony with the various channels already present. “said General Stephen Townsend, commander of the American force in Africa during his West African tour.

According to the commander of the American command for Africa, Burkina Faso’s security problems require many political, economic and military initiatives. He also stressed that foreign forces will only come in support. It is up to the Burkinabe defence forces to destroy the terrorist threat themselves: “I would add that external forces or partners can support the country but the solution must come from Burkina Faso’s defence and security forces. “, insists General Stephen Townsend.

For more than three years, Burkina Faso has been facing deadly terrorist attacks. Civilians and even the Burkinabe defence forces are routinely attacked. This is despite the many military offensives and President Roch Kabore’s commitment to the fight against terrorism.

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