Ph: Ronaldinho-Blasting news

Free of any contract and still in the stitches of Brazilian justice for a case of unpaid debt that dates a few years back, the former Brazilian glory Ronaldinho knows  now which honly to trust. The court has set a specific deadline for repaying the debt revised to downwards

Deprived of a passport, limited freedom, Ronaldinho lives a difficult career. The 36-year-old former footballer had built a fishing platform in Porto Alegre city in 2015, with a docked structure on Lake Guaiba, considered an environmental conservation area. At that time, the court ordered Ronaldinho and his brother to pay a fine of $2.1 million or (1.9 million euros) for environmental damages. A debt that the Brazilian star could not pay.

Now reduced to $1.5 million (1.36 million euros), Ronaldinho Gaucho now has 60 days to pay the fine, otherwise this sum could increase. The payment of this debt will allow him to recover his passport confiscated since last November. It should be remembered that Ronaldinho was recently made ambassador for tourism in his country. He whom has been a strong supporter for the advent of the current diet in Brazilia


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