Benjamin Netanyahu :His Facebook messaging turned off for 24 hours


 Facebook blocked the automatic messaging of Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That deactivation occurs after the prime minister published hateful message on the social media.

The facebook page automatic messaging  of Benjamin Netanyahu, the israeli prime minister has been turned off This Thursday, September 12th . The managing company of the social media blams the fact that one of its policies is violated. “we’ve found violation of our policy on hate speech”, Facebook notified  in a statement, before pointing out  that the automatic messaging feature was turned off “ for 24 hours ” “In case of further violation, we will continue taking appropriate measures“, facebook added.

Large israeli medias announced that a “hatred” message was published on the page of Benjamin Netanyahu before it has been removed . According to the media, the published message stressed that “Arabs want wreck us all – women, children and men ».

Already criticized in the week for trying to pass an amendment allowing cameras in polling stations to avoid fraud, Benjamin Netanyahu, has explained. “It was not me, it was one of the employees of the campaign headquarters, the mistake was quickly repaired, think logically, do you think I could really write something like that? I have friends in Arab countries and I respect human beings, be they Jewish, Arab, Muslim or Christian, ”  the prime minister defended himself on Israeli public radio. To reassure public opinion, he declared  that the message that caused the impact had nothing to do with him and is not part of his campaign for his reelection after the september 17th  legislative elections.

The spokesman of his Likoud political party said the measure of the social network came into effect  this Thursday morning. He also said that it would have no impact on the election campaign of the the right-wing party online.

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