Since their exclusion in the last parliamentary elections, the coalition forces of the opposition have had difficulty finding their mark. According to Minister Azannaï, the real reasons for the failure of the opposition’s joint actions lie in the quality of the people who constitute this opposition. 

Faced with some of his activists on thursday, 26 september 2019, the former Minister Delegate to the President of  Republic in charge of national defense, Candide Azannaï explained why all the actions of the coalition forces of the opposition are ended in failure. According to him, the quality of the personalities who constitute the opposition does not allow an effective fight against the Talon power which is a little different from the power of former President Boni Yayi.

Apart from the fact that the president of the Restoring Hope party accuses his political partners of not being driven by the general interest, but have entered politics for nominal positions or for personal interest, he also believes that those with whom he joins forces to fight the current power do not have the necessary guts for resistance. “In the opposition, you have tocs, indolent and fearful people,” he hammered in front of his militants. Faced with such partners, he continued, it is not prudent to expose the secrets. While reassuring them that even without the other opposition forces, the party restoring hope will be able to lead the fight against President Talon’s power, it strongly advises its militants against participating in acts of violence. “Never take up arms. I’m not in it. But the demonstrations where you walk, you protest, that’s what is allowed in a rule of law,” he says before concluding that if the party restoring hope was alone, it knows how to conduct the how; unfortunately it is a little obliged to do with others.


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