Benin: Singer Miss Espoir announces her wedding

On her Facebook page, on Friday, September 19th, 2019, the Beninese singer Miss Espoir announced that she will soon get married. A news that is already setting the web on fire.

Im getting married“, this time, this sensational expression doesn’t mean the title of a single like Zeynab’s, but an announcement of the wedding. Indeed, the Beninese singer Miss Espoir, who shouted loud and clear that no one calculated her and that she did not have until then, a man who would take care of her as she would have wished; must be the happiest at the moment. Her dearest wish was answered and she made it known through her Facebook account.

I’m getting married,” said the author of the “championship in bed“. There is every reason to believe that she is preparing for an union. A news that enchants many on social networks.

Congratulations… Well, that’s the best thing… I’m very happy for you pretty lady… Finally the mystery is solved, You too since then… Happy wedding to the Miss. Be united for better and for worse… It is every woman’s dream. Take characters from a housewife. [A woman who has the art of silence has characters above the vulgaris]. Good year good luck and be happy beautiful lady,” comment relatively Internet users.

However, one wonders if this announcement of Miss Espoir is not a joke. Maybe she was just telling us about her colleague Zeynab’s song called “I’m getting married“: “The new zeynab song, “I’m getting married”. If that’s not his congratulations then dada enayon,” comments one Internet user.

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