En colère Photo: Bénin Web Tv

In recent years, headteachers with too low pass rates on end-of-year exams have been unloaded. Minister Kakpo Mahougnon did not deviate from the rule this year. It sanctioned 87 administrative and pedagogical officials by the Minister of Secondary Education, Vocational and Technical Training. A sanction that Anselme Amoussou deems unfair.

The Secretary General of the Autonomous Trade Union Confederation of Benin (csa-Benin), Anselme Amoussou does not have the same reading of school performance as Minister Kakpo Mahougnon. In any case, for him, the decision of the Minister of Secondary Education against administrative and pedagogical officials is unfair; at least that is the view he posted on the microphone of the national radio station. To believe it, it is a way of “stigmatizing” them when they are not the only ones responsible for what they are accused of.

According to the secretary general of the csa-Benin, it is true that the director is a director of establishment. “But it’s an environment with the means on board; sometimes without teachers, sometimes without the support of the community, the administration and the parents,” he says, pointing to the conditions under which parents take responsibility. But without taking into account these working conditions and without assessing the government’s share of responsibility, it is made to bear all the sin of Adam. “Today, he is the only one who must suffer? When you come to the head of an institution, you inherit a situation that you didn’t necessarily create.”


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