Benin: Resistance forces in tatters!

The resistance forces live their last moment before disappearing. Following the birth of the popular liberation movement, the Forces cauris for an Emerging Benin (Fceb) have just assumed their responsibilities. Théophile Yarou, in barely veiled terms, expresses the unease that there was within the aforementioned forces.

For a few weeks, the activities of the resistance forces had been suspended. Rumours were that the government had infiltrated the opposition and gnawed at it from within. In an exclusive interview, Théophile Yarou, claiming to be the initiator of the resistance forces, confirmed the rumours. “We are the ones who created the forces of resistance. The very cornerstone of the resistance forces is Fceb,” claims Minister Théophile Yarou.

But, he deplores, “it is people who have no elected representatives behind them, no municipal councillors, no local councillors behind them who improvise themselves as leaders of the opposition...”. That is why Fceb has decided to take responsibility for defending the people “but in an order, not in disorder“. He went further to say without a language of months that despite their membership in the opposition “Fceb has not participated in any meetings of the resistance forces for a long time”. Théophile Yarou thinks it is urgent to save the elected representatives at the grassroots who are left to their own fate instead of playing hard to get.

Power followers within the resistance?

People who have left the rupture and who are in the resistance are torpedoing us and pretending to be resistance fighters and treating us who have legitimately lost the power to treat. This is the world upside down; this is political opportunism and we are against political opportunism,” Théophile Yarou clarified. For him, those he talks about “do not answer when it comes to taking action. They hide behind the speeches. At the same time, it confirms that the opposition is being infiltrated by people. 

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