Théophile Yarou, membre du Bureau Politique des FCBE

On the night of Friday, September 20th, 2019, a document stipulating the delivery of the provisional receipt to the “FCBE”Forces Cauris for an Emerging Benin”  party toured the social networks. But at the very last news, party officials say they have not yet received the document.

The provisional receipt in accordance with the new charter of political parties would not yet be in the hands of the Political Office of the FCBE party. Following the notification of delivery sent to the party by Minister Sacca Lafia, the spokesman of the political party provides clarifications.

According to former MP Nourenou Atchadé, spokesman for the FCBE, the document circulating on social networks is not yet officially at their level. “I myself have seen the document that is circulating… But the party officials have not been informed officially…“, he told the daily Matin Libre.

Blurred and confusing….

If the party spokesman claims that the Political Office has not yet taken note of the receipt issued, even though the document has been signed since September 17th, 2019, there are some questions to be asked. In his notification of issuance of the receipt, the Minister of the Interior and Public Security referred to a correspondence sent to him by the party on September 12th, 2019. Did the officials named in the document act without some of the members of the Board ?

Better still, the receipt would already be published in the Official Gazette and the party could take possession of the final receipt by Monday. If up to this level the party spokesperson is not informed, it is obvious that he may be excluded or that he is not telling the truth. Pending the official reaction of the party, it should be noted that the FCBE party is about to obtain its legal statute in accordance with the new charter of political parties.


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