Benin-Nigeria border’s closure: for PCB, Talon is neither democrat nor patriotic

After his latest analysis on the border situation between Benin and Nigeria, the Executive Secretary of Benin Communist Party, Professor Philippe Noudjenoume returns to the charge in a new statement in which he demonstrates how the President Patrice Talon is neither a democrat nor a patriot in the situation of closing Benin-Nigeria’s border.

One month after Nigeria closed the borders, the Beninese are quick to comment on the situation. After the recent publication on the situation between Nigeria and some of his border countries, Professor Philippe Noudjenoume returns to the task of analysing the situation from the point of view of patriotism and democracy. This new analysis by Professor Philippe Noudjenou is in a way of response to the head of state supporters who read the closure of the borders by Nigeria as a sanction of his country against Benin because the current tenant of the Marina intends to give Benin dignity by avoiding the curves in front of this giant of the East. An attitude of the current leaders perceived as an affirmation of the sovereignty of the country and the head of state must therefore be seen as a democrat and a patriot.

A thesis that seems to be brushed aside by the executive secretary of the Communist Party of Benin, Professor Philippe Noudjenoume. According to him, President Patrice Talon is neither a Democrat nor a patriot. An assertion he supported in the analysis below

Democracies and patriotism nations, according to the PCB:

Patriotism is the love of the homeland, it is the defense of all the sons of the same country against the foreign invader. Democracy is the set of individual and collective rights allowing the free expression and free participation of the citizen in the affairs of the state without being worried and without exclusion. this is Professor Noudjenoume’s perception of these two concepts. “The two concepts are very different. Indeed, one can be a patriot without being a Democrat. And to that end, our national heroes adored for their patriotism, such as Behanzin, Bio Guerra and Kaba are far from being democrats. You can call yourself a Democrat without being a patriot. You shouldn’t mix the two, because each element requires special treatment” he points out. Building on the last parliamentary elections which took place with the exclusion of opposition political parties, Professor Philippe Noudjenoume came to the conclusion that President Patrice Talon is not a democrat. But is he at least patriotic? He wondered. On the basis of certain facts, he concluded that the Beninese head of state was not a patriot.

To support his thesis, he referred to the major projects launched by the government. At  time when some economic operators are in exile, most of the major projects are entrusted to France and the Beninese are not promoted. “Where is Talon’s patriotism when, with the Law on External Collaborators, our administrations and major projects are inundated with French “external collaborators” mostly at the cost of millions while our Executives are paid unless nothing to redo the tasks entrusted to these “collaborators”?” he asks. Where is patriotism, when the few transformative domestic enterprises that exist are destroyed by preferring to export raw materials, thus creating wealth for foreigners; for example enriching foreign companies, enriching Pakistani, Indian and other peasants at the expense of its own rice farmers abandoned to their sad fate? For him, the virtues of patriotism come in several parts:

1-It is first of all the defence of the integrity of the territory, of the sovereignty of the people against an invasion, a foreign aggression.

2-It is above all today the struggle for the rapid development of his country from an economic point of view, because a backward country cannot be permanently independent and sovereign. It is the struggle for the development of his people, his youth, educated and fulfilled.

3- It is the combination of all the skills, all the expertise, all the businessmen of the country without exclusive to the work of national economic building.

Patriotism is about building an independent and prosperous economy. It is to produce at home, the bulk of its consumption and for export. He concludes by saying that the head of state is neither a democrat nor a patriot.

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