Jacques Ayadji, president of MECEB

Jacques Ayadji and his mates have been in Sèmè-Podji since the morning of Saturday  ,September 14th, to hold their first national council. This gathering of the members of the national political office and the communal coordinators is the forum that meets between two ordinary congresses to decide on positions to be taken on the political ground.

They came from all the municipalities to ripen their thoughts about their political party. They are the members of the political office and the communal coordinators of the elite movement committed to emancipation (Moele-Benin). Gathered in the Censad area, they are reflecting on what needs  to avoid difficulties in the upcoming communal elections. Several other political issues will be discussed during this statutory meeting.

At the opening of the council, President Jacques Ayadji, general director of infrastructure at Benin Transport and Infrastructure  Ministry  , sent a message to the activists. “Despite the electoral obstacles, the absence in the revamped Government, the assumptions in public opinion, the MOELE-BENIN party remains confident that the objective pursued is not in the present moment, but rather in the resistance to time and respect for the itinerary in the march towards the ideal set,” he urged his comrades.

Moele-Benin is one of the parties born at the advent of a new political charter and which wants to be a youth party. Having a legal personality, it didn’t take part in the legislative elections because it was rejected by the Electoral Commission for duplicate . Despite his support for the government actions , none of his activists entered the government at the last cabinet reshuffle.


  1. This ghost party had achieved its goal: provide a cover for the president to pretend there is pluralism even though he has excluded all legitimate opposition parties from the élections and nominated représentatives in the illegitimate parliament.
    After providing the Electoral commission with a comical excuse to stop the PRD – who had the most elected representatives as a single party in the last parliament body- from participating in the electoral process, after pretending to be a legitimate party, this organization would soon disapear, as it would have no purpose for the people who funded and launched it….
    Watch this space…


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