Benin: Mismanagement of financial resources at the CNCB

The National Shippers’ Council of Benin has serious irregularities in its management. The 2018 report of the General Inspectorate of Finance revealed the financial incongruities that are taking place in this state office. The information is reported by “La Nation”, a public newspaper.

The financial statements of the National Shippers’ Council of Benin (Cncb) did not observe financial orthodoxy. The report of the auditors of the General Inspectorate of Finance noted several anomalies in the financial and accounting management of the state-owned company. Thus, according to the audit report, the Cncb did not withhold VAT taxes and other levies on the fees of foreign service providers as recommended by the tax provisions in force. Worse, the report states, the office would have granted fuel allocations to the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport and his secretary for an amount of 3.47 million CFA francs “in 2018.

In addition, the agent international shipping office (ISO) is said to have deducted nearly CFAF 6.5 million per month from the remuneration to be shared with the Cncb. A remuneration not provided for in the award contract. But the office officials explain this by the platform’s costs for the benefit of Iso. The auditors also noted the payment of CFAF 206.5 million in non-eligible bonuses to 159 of its employees. In addition, there are credit balances and other receivables that date back several years and are estimated to amount to nearly one billion francs.

Several other irregularities were identified by the auditors. This raises the question of good management in the public administration despite the efforts of the various governments to ward off this phenomenon, which is delaying the country’s development.

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