Speech of Patrice Talon at the Congress palace during the political dialogue. photo: Presidency of the Republic

The great achievements of the government are exposed to north people. Wilfried Leandre Houngbedji, the director of communication set up the President of Benin Republic, enlightened the Beninese about the government’s actions .

The Director of Communication of the Presidency of the Republic of Benin, Wilfried Léandre Houngbédji, on an information tour in the department of Donga, during a broadcast on the community radio “Solidarity fm” exposed the major government’s achievements of breaking. The communications officer of the Presidency of the Republic focused his intervention on the social aspect of the government’s actions. The first on which he wanted to draw the audience’s attention was the situation of the thousands of irregularly turned agents. Contrary to those who gloat about the fact that this regime does not socialize, the head of communication of the presidency of the republic opposed the regularization of the situation of the 2008 returnees, all categories combined. Building on the action taken in the 11 september 2019  of Ministers’s Council in favour of these payments, Leandre Houngbedji said that if the government was to stand against the irregularity surrounding these payments, these agents should be simply and disbarred from the public service.)

It is to be believed that out of a total of 37,607 files that served as the basis for the payout of 30,776 officers, irregularities have been identified, including the age of integration of some officers; Leandre Houngbedji. Thus, he argues, some officers did not meet the minimum 18-year requirement at the time of their payout while others had already passed the retirement age of 60. He also referred to other irregularities, including the diplomas produced by some of them. Thus, there were discrepancies in dates between those diplomas and birth certificates, the post-steryness of the scrolls on the date of the officer’s recruitment, as well as diplomas obtained abroad but not accompanied by certificates of equivalence or authenticity, he said, according to comments reported by the ABP. In sum, he continues, 25,135 officers were improperly turned over and 5,461 were irregularly paid. He argued, these should be removed from the public service outright; but given the difficult social context, the government has regularized their situation. In addition, he says, 3,860 officers were not counted but were receiving their salaries. Despite these serious anomalies, the government nevertheless decided to keep them in service as a social measure.

Other areas covered include:

This is not the only social measure carried out by the government of President Patrice Talon. The other measure put forward by the Director of Communication of the Presidency of the Republic concerns the point of agents who have remained in the service of the State since 31 December 2007 but are not paid. Sensitive to their situation and driven by the concern for fairness and social justice, the Council of Ministers decided to have their status regularized on an exceptional basis so that they could formally become agents of the State. He also referred to the measures to accompany contract agents of the State admitted to retirement under Article 2 of Law No. 2015-19 of 15 November 2016 amending and supplementing law No. 86-014 of 26 September 1986 under the civil pension code. and military retreats.

The reforms underway in the various subsectors of education, the closure of Nigeria’s borders, the construction of the stadium “General Mathieu Kerekou” , the supply of electrical energy, the redevelopment and bitumen work of the roads Djougou-Savalou and Djougou-Péhunco-Kérou-Banikoara, the closure of the university centre and the halting of construction of a cotton ginning plant in Djougou are the other topics discussed by Leandre Wilfried Houngbedji. It reassures people of the government’s commitment and sustained efforts to positively impact the living conditions of Benin.


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