Komi Koutché et Valentin Djènontin

For some time now, information has been received that the FCBE party has received its provisional receipt after the replacement in its bodies of former MP Valentin Djènontin and Komi Koutché.

Indeed, during a meeting with the Minister of the Interior and Security, it was explained to party officials that they should remove members in conflict with the law from their bodies. Following this information, the party took steps to deal with the concerned persos, including Komi Koutché and Valentin Djènontin, who have been in exile for several months. To respond to the actions of their peers, the two exiled persons sent a letter to the party to give their position on the project of their substitution within the authorities.

In this correspondence addressed to the party’s Political Office, Valentin Djènontin and Komi Koutché expressed their disapproval of the new requirements of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security before the registration receipt was issued. However, they asked the Board to replace them in the instances if this “should be the result of the announced congress…”.

Letter from Komi Koutché and Valentin Djènontin to the FCBE Political Office



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