The General Director of Customs and Indirect Taxes, Inoussa Sacca Boco, through a service note of September 6th, 2019, reminded the various services under his supervision of all the products considered prohibited on Nigerian soil.

There is a total of 29 products banned from export to Nigerian markets. The General Director of Customs and Indirect Taxes, few days after Nigeria’s land borders with its neighbours were closed, recalled the list of products contained in the protocol signed between the two states in 2003, in Badagry. He urged all officers to strictly comply with the clauses that exist between the two countries. Below is a list of products banned from export to the Eastern Giant.

Sorghum, millet (cereals: paraboilded rice, millet, imported maize), wheat flour, gypsum, vegetable oil in bulk or drums, mosquito repellent spiral, retreated or used tires, slot machine, second-hand clothing, used refrigerators and air conditioners, used compressors, bagged cement, vehicles of all kinds by land, vehicles over 08 years old, textiles of all kinds by land, printed fabrics (Ankara), containerized goods by land, frozen chickens, cassava and derived products, fruit juices, mineral water (carbonated and non-carbonated), picks, spaghetti and noodles (pasta cut into thin strips), biscuits of all kinds, tablets and assimilated by route, sweets such as sweets and chocolates, notebooks, envelopes, beer in bottles or cans.



Memorandum Customs – Benin-1
Memorandum Customs – Benin-2


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