Benin: Habib Dakpogan polygamist ? Constantin Amoussou reveals all

In a publication on his Facebook page on Wednesday, September 11th, 2019, Constantin Amoussou, a Beninese writer and columnist ironically lifted a corner of the sail on the marital status of Habib Dakpogan, also a Beninese writer and former singer.

Habib Dakpogan was at the centre of discussions last Wednesday on Constantin Amoussou’s Facebook page. Like a biting reply, he titled his message “Habib is not a polygamist“. “I think everyone would have liked to have had the luxury of being polygamous; but few people can afford it, and most don’t have the balls. When you finish making such a remark, you want to call Habib Dakpogan and offer him a beer” explained Constantin Amoussou. For him, the six (06) million Beninese women expect only from them to marry them ( Beninese men). According to him, this is not too much asked, and it does not mean that Habib Dakpogan is a polygamist.

Pen, music, and cinema

“Everyone knows, he navigates between three muses: the pen, music, and cinema. I don’t know if you see the report,” he will try to clarify without more precision in the caption of a photo of Habib Dakpogan. Tempted by the comments prompted by this publication, Habib could not help but react. “I think it’s four, he’s also a general practitioner… I think so, huh! So Habib is a lol polygon” commented Filandre Sandrin Awoyodo . “He has managed files in hospitals, but I’m not sure he has generalized his medicine,” replied Constantin Amoussou. And Habib even asked: “Constantin Amoussou, what did I do to you?”

What you don’t know about Habib Dakpogan

Born in Porto-Novo, Benin, Habib Dakpogan is a young Beninese man who suffered the Rimbaud shock very early on. A former singer, he wrote poetry at the age of 15 and published excerpts in French poetry magazines. After graduating in hospital management and a short stay in a law firm, he was recruited as a civil servant and sent to rural areas where he suffered his first setbacks and his contact with corruption.

In 2006, he published Partir ou Rester, l’Infamante République, a socio-political satire in which he denounced, with humour, the mismanagement of Benin’s public administration. In 2016, Habib published “Etha Contest” which humorously addresses the problems of Beninese society: alcohol, anger of the people, corruption, cohabitation…in Plurielles Editions of Cotonou .

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