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Presented as a rumor late on friday 20 september 2019, the information was confirmed in saturday morning ,of 21 september 2019. The Forces Cauris party for an Emerging Benin (FCBE) has now received its provisional receipt and has committed to obtain the final registration receipt. Garba Yaya, parliament’s former member and a member of the party, spoke on this subject, which is currently in the news.

Banned from participating in the april 2019 parliamentary elections for failing to comply with the new charter of political parties, the FCEB no longer intends to miss any electoral deadline for the same cause. After several months in a tussle with the Ministry of Interior and Public Security, the party decided to meet the latest requirements to obtain their legal status.

Although officials party and activists are currently divided over the method used, Garba Yaya former deputy seems to say that obtaining the receipt is good news for the party. According to the ex-parliamentarian’s comments reported by The New Tribune, he considers it a “ouf of relief”. For him, the FCEB party needed this legal existence to continue his fight for democratic gains restoration .

The case of Djenontin and Koutche…

What is currently infuriating despite obtaining the provisional receipt already published in the Official Journal is the replacement in the party bodies of Valentin Djènontin and Komi Koutché who were respectively national executive secretary and Second Deputy National Secretary. In this case, Garba Yaya believes that the situation is not as dramatic as people are trying to make it seem. It specifies that those concerned are not excluded from the party, but replaced at the level of the National Executive Office. (English)


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