Benin: “frustrations… come from far, trasmissed from legislature to legislature,” Louis Vlavonou

Taking advantage of closing ceremony of the seminar held for members of the eighth Parliament this friday 20, september, 2019, Louis Vlavonou, President of the National Assembly, focused on the challenges they face in restoring institution’s coat of the way.

The second personality of the Beninese state is taking stock of the socio-political situation that has prevailed in the country since the last parliamentary elections. He invited his colleagues to work towards restoring the image of parliament and, in turn, the member of the current legislature. “As President of the National Assembly, I pay particular attention the function restoration and image of our institution and hope that everyone can contribute with conscience, competence, probity, dedication and loyalty. in the interest and respect for the common good,” he said.

It is at this price alone that the people will be able to sleep on their laurels without thinking that “parliament is the umpteenth ministry of the government”, he is convinced. Louis Vlavonou, visibly scented with criticism from all sides, wants to work to disprove the prognostics. With a single bird that can never make the spring, the number one MP urges his colleagues to cultivate certain values. “The control of government action does not mean sanctioning government action but must lead the government to do better, the 8th Parliament must face the challenge of absenteeism and delays in plenary sessions and committees as well as capacity-building seminars,” he insisted, especially on the new elected officials who are in the process of doing their first experiment.

Developments in the Finance Committee

The Finance Committee, which has so far ignored part of its prerogatives in the control of public and semi-public enterprises, is invited to take up this challenge in the 8th Parliament,” agrees Louis Vlavonou. This means that the retired customs officer wants his colleagues to get to work resolutely in order to get the institution off the beaten track. It will be at the very beginning of this controversial legislature.

However, he believes that the grievances of the people against this National Assembly date from Mathusalem. For Louis Vlavonou, “the challenges of legislative production or control of government action were not born in April 2019. The frustrations they generate today come from afar, passed down from legislature to legislature. For too long they have been neglected, poorly solved”

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