Théophile Yarou, membre du Bureau Politique des FCBE

 Forces cauris for an emerging Benin (Fcbe) party obtained his provisional certificate on friday 20 september 2019. The information, far from being unanimous, is making a lot of noise within party. Benin Web TV contacted former minister Theophile Yarou, a founding member of the party, to know more.

There is no doubt about it. Boni Yayi’s party obtain his provisional certificate. Reached by telephone, former National Defence’s Minister Theophile Yarou confirmed the information. The administrative steps were carried out by the party leaders in order to comply with the new requirements of  interior minister Sacca Lafia. This is what has led to this long awaited stage by grassroots activists.

However, Minister Yarou acknowledges that there are discontents within the party. Activists who do not believe that things are going that way. But, he admits, “we’re going to work to make everyone calm down.” Within a group, not everyone can have the same points of view, he understands, the positions of one and the other. As for the supposed ouster of ministers Komi Koutche, Valentin Djenontin and Simplice Dossou, Minister Théophile Yarou insists that they are still “founding members, not simple members of the party”. He is very reassuring when he declares that “the rest is just an administrative formality”.


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