Benin:The Etisalat Foundation rewards 200 best students from Houéyogbé and Bopa

As part of the continuation of the 2019-2020 back-to-school bus launched on Wednesday September 18 th, 2019 at the Kpinkpinnin Community Primary School, the Etisalat Foundation of Moov Benin was on Saturday September 21st, in Sahouê Doutou to reward the best students from the communes of Houéyogbé and Bopa.

200 school kits were distributed to 200 students from 12 secondary schools in the communes of Houéyogbé and Bopa in the Mono department. This is an initiative of the Moov Benin mobile phone network whose objective is to promote excellence in schools, especially the best students who obtained at least a 14 average during the 2018-2019 school year. Present at the festivities, the General Director of Moov Benin, Omar Nahli, encouraged the students and their parents for their determination for a better future: “So, I say congratulations to all the parents who choose to make the sacrifice to send their children to school all the time“. He will also mention the commitment of the faculty who believe in their profession.

On occasion, the prefect of the mono department, Mr. Komlan Sènan Sèzro Zinsou, expressed his immeasurable joy. For him, this noble action honours the department and could reveal Benin, once a Latin district of Africa. “Education is more than a profession, it is a mission, which consists in helping each person to recognize what is irreplaceable and unique about them, so that they may grow and flourish,” he said, quoting Pope John Paul II. With regard to Moov Benin, he salutes their altitude, which is proven by their initiative to ease the nation’s suffering. To the lucky recipients, the prefect extends his congratulations and invites the other learners (who have not deserved it) to get to work.

When Moov Benin “pushes back the frontiers of ignorance”

At his speech, the Director of the CEG Houéyogbé, Victor Quenum, expressed his gratitude to the Etisalat Benin Foundation. According to him, promoting education means pushing back the frontiers of ignorance, helping the needy, feeding the poor, housing the homeless, even protecting the environment. “In living memory, an event of this magnitude has never happened, at least not in the commune of Houéyogbé, it is the illustration of a work done in pain with self-sacrifice, perseverance, courage, and hope,” he recalled.

Very happy to be among the distinguished guests, former Minister of Social Affairs and Microfinance Bintou Chabi Adam Taro invited the learners to a job well done. “I would like to ask students to persevere in the work well done and also to know how to maintain relationships. (…) it is through the relationships that Mr. Zocli (she indexes Dr. Pierre d’Alcantara Zocli, Director of the Esperanza Higher School) made me discover Moov Benin“. Beninese singer Zeynab, UNICEF ambassador and Sagbohan Danialou, alias the “man orchestra”, offered the audience performances worthy of the event.

Launched on Tuesday, September 18th, 2019 in Kandi, the back-to-school bus initiated by Moov Benin to ease the pain of learners at the beginning of the back-to-school season continues and will travel through 22 localities in Benin with more than 3000 school kits.

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