6th term of Constitutional court led by Joseph Djogbénou

The Constitutional Court, true to its traditions, holds a public hearing tomorrow, Tuesday, September 17, 2019. Several files are in the role, two of which crystallize attentions.

Two unusual cases will be debated tomorrow at the Constitutional Court. These are appeals against the inter-ministerial decree prohibiting the issuance of the acts of authority to persons wanted by the courts. Two government ministers, Sacca Lafia of internal and Severin Quenum of justice, had signed an order prohibiting the issuance of administrative acts such as identity cards, spas, residence certificates, nationality, the birth certificate to people who have issue with the justice. A citizen has filed an appeal that will be examined tomorrow infront of the seven wise men.

The second issue that will also make a big splash tomorrow is the one relating to the Union for the Protection of Plant Varieties (Upov). This will be the sixth hearing on Tuesday to try to have the decree to hand over the law to parliament. For the last five hearings, the government has been conspicuous by his absence. The applicant will have to appear a sixth time in order to hope that the government’s emissaries will be present in order for the file to be emptied. Perhaps the President of the Constitutional Court, who is also Ministers of Justice at the time of the bill, will be able to take responsibility for deciding tomorrow in case of the government absence.


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