Court for the Punishment of Economic Crimes and Terrorism

Professional misconduct is now heavily sanctioned in the customs administration. Thus 5 customs officers were struck off at the Council of Ministers on wednesday 25 september 2019 and another ten or so are in the sights of outcry. 

About 10 customs officers will soon be summoned to appear before the Court for the Suppression of Economic Crimes and Terrorism (CRIET). These customs officers, who are under the scrutiny of the special jurisdiction to combat economic crime, are suspected of fraudulent acts. According to information published by the online media “24haubénin”, these potential clients of the Court for the repression of economic crimes and terrorism had previously served at the autonomous port of Cotonou where they allegedly contributed to the fraudulent removal of 22 containers on behalf of a forwarder.

If caught by these frauds, their case would be on the table of the judges of the court for the repression of economic offences and terrorism. It should be recalled that before these officers, 5 other customs officers were struck off this wednesday,25 september 2019 according to the minutes of the last Council of Ministers. In these times of scarce resources for the implementation of the government’s action programme and the improvement of beninese living conditions, Talon government which focuses on the fight against corruption and impunity, has no conscience against those who siphon off the meagre resources of the State. These officers are therefore at great risk if their guilt is established by the special court.


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