Facing his militants on thursday  26 september, Candide Azannaï, addressing issues related to resistance, talks about the mistakes his party made when he joined forces with other political groups to form resistance forces.

Forces Cauris for an Emerging Benin, Social Liberal Union, Restoring Hope  and the Soglo wing of the Rebirth of Benin are the parties represented within the resistance forces. Very early on, this force that was fighting for the restoration of democracy seemed to have been destroyed. Candide Azannaï, answering questions from his activists, said that former President Boni Yayi and his Fceb party demanded that everyone join forces behind them to form a single political party on the pretext that they form the largest party. Whereas since the creation of the Fcbe party, they have never faced an election. It was the Fcbe alliance that won the elections, not the Fcbe party.

On the other hand, Sébastien Ajavon’s party, Social Liberal Union (Slu), relying on its financial resources, also won the day. Which was not to the taste of Candide Azannaï. For him, politics should not be based on money but on ideas. Those who wanted the disappearance of Restoring Hope did not, he said, have enough experience in political strategy.

The mistakes of Restoring Hope

Before joining forces with political parties constituting the forces of resistance, Azannaï’s party did not discuss the political, financial and strategic orientations to be adopted with his makeshift comrades. Although he admits to having asked the question at a meeting, he did not insist on a clear answer before engaging with them. The only person capable of holding and having ideas for a certain destination remains President Nicéphore Soglo. This shows how giant the crack is within the forces of resistance.


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