The Beninese shipping company (Cobénam) received a visit from the auditors of the General Inspectorate of Finance. The report’s conclusions suggest that the structure has been poorly managed for three years.

Cobénam renews, we might say, the mobile phones for its staff every year. And, according to the Igf report, they are not low quality laptops. Indeed, in the Igf report, Cobénam acquired 48 mobile phones in 2016 for CFAF 9,075,000. As this was not enough, the following year, in 2017, other mobile phones were purchased for CFAF 3,790,500. In 2018, the company acquired 50 other phones at 6,121,350 FCFA.

Surprised that mobile phones are not only luxurious but also renewed every year, listeners sought to know the reasons behind such a practice. The company’s managers have indicated that the mobile phone is a working tool. That is why it is acquired for the benefit of the staff for communication purposes in the performance of their duties.


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