Benin – BEEC Couffo: nearly 2 billion CFA unpaid and redress for fraud

  Mono and Couffo’s Beninesse Electric Energy Company (BEEC) regional director presented the  ninth regular meeting this wednesday Couffo’s administrative conference,  couffo’s mid-term activity report for 2019 year of the socity.  The report shows an amount of unpaid compensation bills for fraud amounting to about two billion francs for only Couffo department.

The Benin electric power company, Mono-Couffo section is currently facing unpaid compensation bills for fraud valued at one billion nine hundred and twelve million two twenty-six thousand nine hundred and ninety-one (1,912,226,991) CFA francs; reports the Benin Press Agency in one of its publications. Added to this batch of compensation invoices for fraud are the theft of copper cable lifts at the post office level, acts of vandalism and sabotage of the network, as well as fraud on the meters

According to a confidence from the regional directorate Mono-Couffo (DRMC), reported by the same source, the sbee in terms of commercial activities has established in 2019, 538 estimates for the department of Couffo against 560 in 2018 or a rate of regression of 4%. This regression negatively impacts society’s mission of producing, transporting and distributing electricity throughout the country. As a result, only 250 connections were made by the company in 2019, well below the 344 made in 2018. Moreover, our source points out, almost 23% of the loss rate was recorded on the network at the end of august 2019 compared to 24% in 2018. To correct this deficit, drmc is a challenge, reducing loss rates, improving the recovery rate and improving customer satisfaction

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