COBENAM Photo: Go Africa online

State-sponsored audits in several public companies and offices reveal multiple irregularities. The account of the Beninese Shipping Company (COBENAM) is not as flawed. The listeners found anomalies there.

The 2018 management audit sponsored by the Beninese state in several public companies, including the Beninese Shipping Company (COBENAM), revealed several anomalies. In the case of cobenam, for example, several irregularities were detected. The auditors have indeed observed the performance of certain expenses without interest on behalf of the company.

According to anomalies relating to interest-free expenses identified in the audit report and published by the online media “24haubenin”, listeners took into account the purchases and distributions each year of mobile phones of the latest generations for the benefit of the personal. One hundred mobile phones acquired each year at an amount of about 19 Million fcfa. This is the case in 2016 when 48 mobile phones were acquired and distributed worth 9,075,000 CFA francs. In 2017, the amount dedicated to the acquisition of laptops has fallen to 3,790,500 CFA francs.

For the year 2018, 40 mobile phones were acquired from staff worth 6,121,350 CFA francs. What is the point of acquiring luxury laptops from staff every year? In the face of the issue, cobenam management considered it to be a work tool that staff need to operate the box’s communication system.


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