Mahougnon Kakpo, Minister of Secondary, Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Applicants for the teaching profession now know what to expect. After the publication of the list of admissions, they will be assigned to the host colleges and will sign a formal contract.

A nine-month contract will be signed with aspiring teachers. The contract shall take effect from September 30th, 2019 to June 30th, 2020. According to information received from circles close to the Ministry of Secondary Education, it is the responsibility of the National Employment Agency (Anpe) to manage this file. This will mean that contracts will be signed in Anpe agencies in all parts of the country.

According to our sources, certain formalities relating to this will start as soon as the assignments are published on Monday, September 23. The timetables must be withdrawn by the persons concerned by Friday, september 27th of the same month at the latest so that classes can start on Monday september 30 th. It must be said that the assignments will take into account the usual places of residence. But it is not excluded that people may be sent away from their residence if necessary.


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