Benin: after the unpacking of Jean-Baptiste Elias, the presidency movement counter-attacks

Indexed in Jean-Baptiste Elias revelations of last sunday, the presidency movement did not rank for a long time silence. Even if there is a desire to ignore the statements of the President of the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANLC), some MePs have slammed to bring a against-attack.

Orden Alladatin and Abdoulaye Gounou responded to Jean-Baptiste’s comments. The two mps, respectively, are members of the Progressive Union (PU) and the Republican Bloc (RB), and believe that the president of the ANLC has made unjustified accusations. Better yet, for Orden Alladatin, the facts raised by Jean-Baptiste Elias are already a thing of the past and we must move forward. “We have had an electoral crisis with all the content. In his time, the protagonists explained themselves. We can’t come back and stir the same things as we work to heal the wounds (…) Let’s learn to evolve, to move forward,” he said according to Fraternity.

As for Abdoulaye Gounou, he notes two key points in the revelations. These are irregularities concerning the civil states of some presidency movement’s members and the non-issue of the tax quitus to some opponents who had paid their taxes. in the first point the Mp thinks that Jean-Baptiste Elias does not have a good knowledge of the country, let alone the localities of the 2KP. He explains that the disparity observed at the places of birth is not the fault of the concerned. “The colleagues he talks about cannot change their places of birth on their own. It was the administration that had done so at certain times for specific reasons taking into account the evolution of territorial redistricting,” he said.

The question of the tax quitus with regard to the non-issue of the tax quitus to certain opponents who are nevertheless up to date with regard to the taxman, the member of the Republican Bloc thinks that this is a false debate. For Abdoulaye Gounou, this provision of the electoral code that obliges political actors to pay their taxes regularly is a good measure. However, it acknowledges that implementation may have been difficult for the tax administration; but that there has never been a double standard as Jean-Baptiste Elias tries to make him believe.

In Komi Koutche’s case and others,the deputy explained that physical presence was necessary at some point in the process. Of which this is not being physically present so this must have complicated things. “The former Minister Komi Koutche, to whom he is talking about, was not even in the country to provide proof and answer the clarification questions of the  General Direction  of Taxes (GDT) and obtain the quitus. As the procedure presented itself, it was necessary to be present to remove any ambiguity,” he said.

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