Benin: A thief shot down in Pahou by security forces

A well-known gangster has been wanted by the police for months. But on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, September 19th, he was taken by the officers on duty at the Hêvié police station.

The course of the robber Armel Hodonou stopped earlier than expected. Wanted since then by the security forces, he was caught up in his escape in the early morning of this Thursday. The Hêvié commissioner and his elements were informed that the gangster had taken up residence in a small hamlet in Pahou, a neighbouring district of Hêvié. They spent the night to control him. When he saw the security forces, he would have opened fire.

The response, according to Republican police officers, was fatal. He’s down. A search in his home revealed several objects such as amulets, Indian hemp pellets and shotgun cartridges. In addition to all this, a 20-year-old girl was in the bandit’s room. When asked, she confessed to being a student in a school in Cotonou. She would have gone to spend a night of coitus against the stumbling sounding species. I can only hope that the watch will continue to be kept up to ensure the peace of the population in all parts of the country.

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