La fondation Etisalat Bénin distribue plus de 3000 kits scolaire dans 22 localités

As every year, the Moov Benin mobile phone network launched the 2019-2020 back-to-school bus on Wednesday, September 18th, 2019 at Kpinkpinnin Primary School in the commune of Kandi, Alibori department. On the occasion Moov Benin through its General Director Mr. Omar Nahli announced the construction of a module of three classes for the benefit of the concerned school.

Through its Etisalat foundation, Moov Benin has distributed school kits to learners at the Kpinkpinnin public primary school in the Sonsoro district of Kandi commune. This gesture by Moov Benin towards small children marks the launch of the 2019 edition of the bus. The Executive Secretary of the Etisalat Benin Foundation, Dolorès Chabi Kao, said that this initiative improves the learning conditions of learners. “Moov green is the green of hope, you have to look at this color and work.”

The top was given by Moov Benin’s General Manager, Omar Nahli. For him, what is difficult is not the sacrifices we make once, but those we make every day…. “and the sacrifices we make every day are not only the schoolboys but also the parents. Courage to all parents”. he suggested. That is why, on behalf of the Etisalat Benin Foundation, he reiterates the commitment of the Moov mobile phone network to ensure that subscribers have the best available service to communicate.

A three-class module at EP Kpinkpinnin

After recalling that the foundation is active in two essential sectors, namely health and education, he expressed his joy at the welcome it had received. “I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of your welcome and I thank you for it and I was also overwhelmed when I saw the picture of your school the first time, and in the last few weeks I’ve been thinking, what can we do,” he said before giving very good news to the locality of Kpinkpinnin. “Today, Moov with our regional partner D. commercial, we have resolved to offer you a three-classroom module that will be built here,” he revealed under the ovation of learners, teachers and parents. According to Dominic Nwankwo, Director of D. Commercial, as soon as the domain is notified, construction work will start the following week.

Teaching material at EP Kpinkpinnin

The kits are composed of schoolbags, notebooks made especially for Moov, coloured pencils, real designers, beautiful slates. Moov Benin also donated teaching materials to the Director of the Kpinkpinnin Primary School, Mr. Oscar Kpedehounsi. According to him, this school built of precarious materials does not allow them to study in good conditions. “My thanks can never match your heart of generosity. who gives us support when we need it,” he says.

Nikanor’s invitation to learners….

Ambassador of Moov Benin, Nikanor who always makes himself available for Moov Benin was part of the delegation in Kandi. Very moved by this act of generosity, the singer of the famous song “jeune Fort” could not help but express his joy: “I put myself in the shoes of all the beneficiaries, of all the schoolchildren, and I say a big thank to the Etisalat Benin Foundation ,Moov Benin. When I saw the conditions in which you go to school, the conditions in which you study, I thought to myself that Moov did well to come here to encourage you…“. For him, the best reward, the best satisfaction that his learners can give Moov today is to work.

The Etisalat Benin Foundation distributes more than 3000 school kits in 22 localities

The Etisalat Benin Foundation’s back-to-school bus will travel through 22 localities to distribute more than 3000 school kits to learners in difficult situations. This initiative improves the learning conditions of learners in Kandi, Segbana’s Kinkpinnin EP, which is in need. Created in 2015, the school is located 47 Kilometers from Kandi in North Benin.


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