For a few hours it has been distilled in social networks and in some media that the house of Tina Glamour, mother of Arafat DJ has been “ravaged by fire”. This friday, 20 september, 2019, Tina Glamour took advantage  from  Pastor Camille Makosso visit to clarify what really happened. According to him, his house never caught fire.

The home of Tina Glamour, artist  Arafat  DJ’s mother  was not set on fire. This is what should be learned from his clarifications given today. “I’ll tell you something… My house didn’t burn down. Those who want me to burn, they are the ones who will burn,” she told Ivory Tv Music.

According to the facts she recounted, the fire occurred at her neighbour’s house and had no apparent impact on her apartment. “She’s my neighbor… She was sleeping, she forgot something about the fire. I was shopping and the building manager called me to tell me there was a fire at the neighbour’s house. I asked if my apartment burned down, he said no,” Tina Glamour clarified.


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