Arafat DJ: Here’s what happened to his computer and his phone 

A few hours after the release of Tina Glamour who announced the disappearance of the computer and the DJ’s phone. According to information reported by the “infodrome”, DJ Arafat’s valuable assets have not disappeared, but are kept in a safe place.

DJ Arafat, his recording studio had been closed and his computer was entrusted to a family member. According to a source who confided in “infodrome” after Tina Glamour’s statements, there may be a communication problem between who was responsable for keeping the key to the studio and Angel Didier Houon’s mother. “Everything had to stay with someone you could trust. The first ones that were taken were to close the studio … And that’s when the family asked for the key to be handed over. Now if at the family level there is no communication to inform the biological mother for the fact that the business has been moved it is not anyone’s fault … “, herself entrusted to medias.

According to the same DJ’s computer source, it is expected to be handed over to his mother on wednesday, 18 September 2019; but it would not be made available. It should be noted that the artist’s mobile phone would be unrecoverable following the shock received during the accident that carried DJ Arafat on 12 august 2019.

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