Algeria – Demonstrations: “Generals in the bin… Release the children of the nation”

Despite the army chief’s decision to repress protests from now on, thousands of Algerians are mobilized to speak out in the streets against the holding of the presidential elections next December.

31 consecutive weeks have already passed since the protests began in Algeria. Despite the various actions of the government before Bouteflika’s departure, the Algerians continue to drive out the entire ruling class. According to reports from The Fresno Bee, the demonstrators demonstrated their presence in Alger, but this time they had to face a new tactic aimed at discouraging the crowd. The media reports that several roadblocks have been set up on the main roads of the country’s capital to prevent citizens with so-called “malicious” views from participating.

The authorities have expressed their frustration this week with the demonstrations. Several arrests of protestors have taken place over the past week. The head of the army, General Ahmed Gaid Salah, this week ordered military personnel, or gendarmes, to prevent people from entering Alger to protest and seize their vehicles. These provisions apparently caused the demonstrators’ anger to escalate. In the streets on Friday, they were chanting: “Generals in the bins… Free the children of the nation.” In all cases, there was a demonstration on Friday and, even if we do not know if demonstrators were arrested, we can say that the Algerians defied General Gaid Salah.

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