After the United States, Saudi Arabia threatens to strike Iran

An event that could turn things upside down in the Middle East and the world. The drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil installations continues to create tensions.

The United States and Saudi Arabia have both accused the Islamic Republic of Iran of being at the root of the drone attack that paralyzed half of Riyadh’s oil production. In response, Riyadh warned on Saturday that if investigations reveal that Tehran sponsored the attack, the country would not remain silent and would take appropriate action.

The kingdom will take appropriate measures on the basis of the results of the investigation to ensure its security and stability,” Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told a press conference on Saturday. Refusing to speculate on specific actions, al-Jubeir stressed that “we are sure that the launch does not come from Yemen, but from the north. Investigations will prove it.”

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