A regret of Cristiano Ronaldo

In an interview with Piers Morgan on the ‘ITV’ channel, Cristiano Ronaldo lifted a veil over his private life. The player talks about his fame but regrets not  going to the park with his children, at least only once.

Being famous is a good thing. According to Cristiano, it’s fantastic and we end up to ONE of newspapers. But this is not without drawbacks, because our privacy is fully exposed. So there’s almost no privacy: “I want a little more privacy,” says the Portuguese, who adds: “You know how many times I have been to the park with my children? Zero!” he regrets.

Continuing, the Portuguese believes that he wants to be free: “If I go, people come and my children get nervous, my partner becomes nervous and I become nervous”. “When I’m in public, I can’t be myself. It’s boring, I want to be free again,” he concluded. .

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